Longs Mural Unveiling -- May 4, 2002
Those Who Came to Help Us Celebrate
City Council:   Mayor Vic Ojakian, Vice-Mayor Dena Mossar, Bern Beecham, Jim Burch, Hillary Freeman, Nancy Lytle, Yoriko Kishimoto
City of Palo Alto:   Frank Benest, City Manager; Steve Emslie, Director of Planning and Transportation; Leon Kaplan, Director of Arts and Culture; Patrice Langevin, Vice Chair for Public Art; and from the Public Art Commission (past and present): Gerald Brett, Brigid Barton, Barbara Mortkowitz, Judith Wasserman
MRA:   Annette Ashton, Chair; Molly Rich, Events Chair; Sylvia Gartner, Stepheny McGraw, Deborah Webb, Karen Lawrence, Mimi Wolf, Tom Ashton, Ron Wolf, Sheri Furman,Lynn Chiapella
Longs:   Bruno Amedore, VP and District Manager of Longs; Matt Pangalos, Store Manager; and all the employees who volunteered their time
Special Thanks to:   Elizabeth Lada for her wonderful mural, Will Nichols for his great music, Mark Lawrence for setting up the PA system.
The original contributors to the art fund: Co-op Market, Peninsula Hardware, Mike's Café, Midtown Merchants Fund, Midtown Video, Baskin-Robbins, Gate Cleaners, Palo Alto Café, Best Video, and ACT II.
And of course, all our neighbors who turned out to cheer the project and enjoy the day!

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Enjoying the ice cream

Cool jazz provided by Will Nichols

Mark Lawrence setting
up the PA system

Family SUV Alternative

Enjoying the Food & Festivities

Jeb Eddy, Frank Benest

Bern Beecham, Steve Emslie

Steve Emslie, Bern Beecham, Gerald Brett

Dena Mossar & Leon Kaplan

Bruno Amedore, Annette Ashton, Jim Burch

Judith Wasserman, Gerald Brett

Molly Rich & Mimi Wolf

Bruno Amedore, Matt Pangalos, Elizabeth Lada

The Unveiling

Annette Ashton, MRA Chair

Mayor Vic Ojakian

Elizabeth Lada, Mural Artist

Awaiting the Unveiling

Unveiling the Mural


Watching the Festivities

Enjoying the mural

Tom Meadows, Nancy Lytle

Yoriko Kishimoto, Annette Ashton, Nancy Lytle, Tom Ashton, Hillary Freeman