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Palo Alto Information
Swine Flu Frequently Asked Questions
Swine Flu (Centers for Disease Control site)
Pandemic Flu Planning Checklists
    For Individuals and Families
    For Businesses
Pandemic Flu Community Education Presentation

Additional Information

Preparing for Pandemic Flu Pocket Guide (downloadable PDF)
Pandemic Influenza Preparation and Response - A Citizen's Guide
Individuals & Families Planning
Pandemic Influenza Preparedness Guide
Are You Bird Flu Smart?
Ten Things You Need to Know About Pandemic Influenza
Pandemic Influenza Fact Sheet
Preparing for the Coming Influenza Pandemic
Fluwikie Information
Santa Clara County Pandemic Flu Plan
Pandemic Flu CDC Fact Sheet
CDC Planning Lists and Facts for Travelers
Pandemic Flu Preparedness and Response Plan (San Mateo County)
What one city did to adapt their earthquake emergency preparation
plans for Pandemic Flu
Palo Alto Emergency Home Palo Alto
Fire Dept
Palo Alto
Red Cross
FEMA ABAG Santa Clara County OES

Last Updated: March 18, 2015