Poetry Wall Opening Celebration

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Mayor Beecham, Councilman
Ojakian, Vice-mayor Burch
Mariachi Band Being serenaded
Pat Li of Redbox Culinary
provided sorbet and drinks
Ani Safavi of Como esta Paul Safavi of Como esta
Gerald Britt, Public Art Commission Amelia Saliba Long, "Thankful"  
Unveiling the Poetry Wall plaque
Poetry Wall plaque Sharon Fox & Annette Ashton,
MRA Public Art Committee
Mayor Bern Beecham and Councilman Vic Ojakian thanking the MRA for the Poetry Wall project
Elizabeth Mittmann, "Being Six
in My Neighborhood"
Sharon Olson, "Camino del Medio" Ron LeBlanc, "A Tree Calls Out"
"Tending the Same Garden" "Thankful" "First Bike"
Annette Ashton & Gerald Britt showing
sample work of the next public artist in Midtown (Greg Brown)
Enjoying the food of Como esta

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