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Table of Contents
Section 1: BPC Program Introduction
Block Preparedness Coordinator Program Overview 3/14/12
Block Preparedness Coordinator Brochure
Requirements to Become an NPC/BPC 3/5/11
BPC/NPC Registration Form 3/5/11
What To Do As a BPC 3/5/11
Frequently Asked Questions 3/5/11
Liability Issues for Community Volunteers 3/5/11
Section 2: Organizing Your Block
4 Reasons to Get to Know Your Neighbor Flyer
How to Organize a Neighborhood Emergency Preparedness Meeting
Neighbors Creating Connections: Meeting Your Neighbors
Sample Neighborhood Organizational Meeting Invitation
Sample Introduction Letters to Neighbors 1
Sample Introduction Letters to Neighbors 2
Easy Recipe for Throwing a Block Party
Sample Block Party Invitation
Block Party Application
Section 3: Becoming Prepared
Neighborhood Lessons Learned 3/9/12
How would you survive for 72 hours?
Get Ready -- Earthquakes
Earthquake Safety Checklist
Are You Ready for an Earthquake?
Earthquake Safety Inspection List
Earthquake Home Hazard Hunt
Make a Plan in a High-Rise Building
Get Ready -- Floods
Are You Ready for a Flood?
Fight Flooding at Home (Sandbag usage)
Are You Ready for a Fire?
Tips for the Elderly or Disabled
Collecting Emergency Documents
Preparing Your Pets for Emergencies
Disaster Preparedness for Pets
Section 4: Family Plans: Food, Water, Supplies
Your Family Disaster Plan
Household Emergency Information
Family Emergency Plan Contact Information
Evacuation Plan
Your Family Disaster Supplies Kit
Emergency Preparedness Supplies for Your Home
Preparing Kits for Emergencies While Away From Home
General Emergency Supplies Checklist
Food Supplies Checklist
Pandemic Flu Supplies Checklist
Guidelines for Managing Water Supplies
Food Storage Shelf Life
Do You Know How to…
Section 5: My Block Info
Sample Map 1
Sample Map 2
Neighborhood Contact List
Neighbor Information Sample Form 1
Neighbor Information Sample Form 2 3/5/11
Preparing Your Emergency Response Bag
Section 6: Radio Skills
Communicating with Your NPC
FRS Radio Quick Guide
Radio Usage Summary 3/5/11
2-Way Radio Language and Terms 3/5/11
Palo Alto Neighborhood FRS Channels 3/13/12
Section 7: When Called to Action
Protocols for Communicating with Your NPC
Radio Instructions 3/5/11
Assessment Checklist 3/5/11
Damage Assessment Form 3/5/11
First Aid Tips in an Emergency 3/5/11
Fact Sheet on Shelter-in-Place
Section 8: Additional Information & Samples
Suggested Materials to Distribute to Residents
Adult Emergency Contact Card
Child Emergency Contact Card
OK / HELP Signs 3/10/12
Emergency Supplies Vendors
Sample Emergency Supplies
Pocket Guide to Emergency Preparedness
Pocket Guide to Pandemic Flu
Solictor Permit Example
Palo Alto Emergency Home Palo Alto
Fire Dept
Palo Alto/SV
Red Cross
FEMA ABAG Santa Clara County OES
Last Updated: March 29, 2012